Posted on: October 5, 2011 1:01 pm

Texas/O Who Preview

Well the biggest week in the college football season for the great state of Texas is upon us again. The Red River Shootout was a presumed loss for the Texas Longhorns at the beginning of the year with dud Garrett Gilbert starting at the QB position. However, with the replacement of GG after his pathetic performance against BYU, there is hope again for the Horns. The game should come down to several key factors as it always seems to.

1. Turnovers: Christa Simms could always single handedly sabotage some of the most talented Texas teams ever with the on cue interception or fumble against OU or in any big game. Will David Ash and Case McCoy be like Simms or will they be clutch like Colt and VY were ? Also, can the UT secondary make a pick or 2 and can the front 4 get to Landry Jones to force a fumble or 2 ?

2. Running Game: Can Malcolm Brown and Fozzie Whitaker get enough yardage behind a less than imposing Horns line ? If they can, OU will have to stay honest giving McCoy and Ash more time and openings in the passing game. If they can't, it will be open season for the OU zone blitz on the 2 young QBs.

3. Big Plays: With all the speed and talent on the field, there will be a big play or 2. Will they go the Horns way ? When playing a more experienced and probably more talented team, a big play or 2 is needed to swing the game in the underdogs favor. Will the special teams along with DJ Monroe, Jaxon Shipley, and Mike Davis be able to swing momentum in our favor.

My heart says Texas 23-20 HOOK 'EM !!!!!!!!!1  
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Posted on: December 14, 2010 12:26 am

Monday Night Football

Well after watching that wild finish 2 things are apparent to me.

1) The Houston Texans are jinxed. What a year for the Texans, they look like poop in the first half as usual only to pull a wild rally out of their you know whats...Then they find a spectacular way to lose. First the hail mary to the Jags and now the pick 6 versus the Ravens, amazing.

2) John Harbaugh will never coach this Ravens team to their potential, get a new coach. After the game against Pittsburg last week, his calls were in question. After watching the end of this game, he sux. Passing the ball on 3rd and 2 with 2:50 left in the game allowed Houson to have enough time to come back. Not calling a timeout to help his tired, struggling defense allowed Houston to go up against a defense that they could come back on. He didn't even call a timeout before the 2pt conversion play, terribble. What are you saving them for ???
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